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It is very normal to have some anxiety, stress, worry, and fears. Certain kinds of anxiety can actually help us. For instance, when we feel worried about a test we are motivated to study harder to pass it. However, there are times when we feel so stressed out or worried that it starts to interfere with our ability to study or perform the work we need to do.

Are you stressed? Do you think you may have an anxiety problem?
Try an anxiety screening

Learn more about anxiety

Read some tips  for coping with Stress

Here is some information about different aspects of Anxiety:
Anxiety disorders
Shyness and Social Anxiety
Panic and Panic Attacks
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Or try a self-assessment survey for a specific type of anxiety problems from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America
     Generalized anxiety disorder
     Obsessive compulsive disorder
     Panic disorder
     Post Traumatic Stress disorder
     Social anxiety disorder

Try some of these ways to manage anxiety or stress:
Relaxation Exercises - hear MP3's of our counselors guiding you through a relaxation exercise
Meditation - learn how to meditate
Journaling - Online journaling instruction and exercises
Positive thinking
Exercise - Check out our campus recreation and intramurals webpage!

While anxiety is very normal and everyone experiences anxiety, if it starts to interfere with your ability to fulfill normal obligations or duties, it is important to get help with your Anxiety. If you would like help with an anxiety or other issue make an appointment at the counseling center.