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"...to uphold the honorable traditions of foil, epee and saber fencing and to create an environment where members can use fencing as a means of individual athletic, intellectual and spiritual growth."


Please feel free to contact Club President Kip Barrows by email at barrkj71@suny.oneonta.edu.  You can also contact faculty advisor Phil Bidwell at 436-2710 or by email!

This site is dedicated to helping students get involved with the sport of fencing and promote a strong fencing program at Oneonta State. Please use the links to the right to navigate through our web site.


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The Club, Spring 2010


Past fencing at Oneonta

Fencing has had a long if somewhat sporadic history at Oneonta over the last fifty years.  1955 was the first time that it was offered as a Physical Education class.

Fencing - the really early days

Saber in the Old Main Gymnasium in 1955

 Foil in 1956 - Let's count the errors in stance...


Fencing in 1967 at the Chase Dance Studio


The 1970-1971 Fencing Club
Peter Piccione, Susan Irving, George Ruland, Dr. Kingsley


Fencing in 1972