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Oneonta State Fencing Club

Constitution of the Oneonta Fencing Club 

Student Association funded since November 6th, 2001.

Article I

Organization name
The name of the organization shall be “The Oneonta Fencing Club”

Article II

Section 1: Purpose
The purpose of the Oneonta Fencing Club is to promote the ancient sport of fencing within the college community.

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Section 2: Objective
The objective of the Oneonta Fencing Club is to uphold the honorable traditions of foil, epee and saber fencing and to create an environment where members can use fencing as a means of individual athletic, intellectual and spiritual growth.

Article III

Section 1: Basic Membership
Membership will not discriminated against on the basis of sex, creed, color, religion, national origin or sexual preference. All full and part-time students of the State University of New York College at Oneonta who have paid their Student Activity Fee shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: Active Membership
Active members of the Club shall be defined as individuals who have asked for recognition as a member before the Club and who have attended a meeting or a practice in the last 30 days.

Article IV

Officers of the Oneonta Fencing Club:
President – the President shall be responsible for setting meeting agenda and the date, time and place of club meetings. Meeting minutes will be posted on the club web site.
Vice President – the Vice President will be responsible for coordinating attendance at tournaments and visits of fencers from other clubs.
Treasurer – the Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining financial records, co-signing vouchers and managing club equipment.
Armorer - the Armorer will be responsible for the assembly and repair of club weapons and equipment.
Public Relations Officer - the Public Relations Officer will be responsible for advertising the club and recruiting new members, including incoming freshmen and transfers.

Article V

Meetings of the Oneonta Fencing Club shall occur at least once a month before a regularly scheduled practice. The President shall set the date and time of such meetings, and a quorum shall be required for any votes to take place.

Article VI

The Oneonta Fencing Club shall have an advisor who is a member of the faculty or professional staff of the State University of New York College at Oneonta. This advisor shall be elected, have no voting privileges, and shall only act in an advisory capacity. The Advisor shall also co-sign all vouchers.

Article VII

There will be an election of officers for the Oneonta Fencing Club at the last regularly scheduled meeting of each spring semester. Officers thus elected shall serve for one year.

Article VIII      

A majority vote of active club members is required to recall any officer.

Article IX

If for any reason the Oneonta Fencing Club is dissolved, all monies held by the Club Treasurer shall be returned to the Student Association Treasury.

Article X

A two-thirds vote of active members is required to amend this constitution before such amendments are proposed to the Senate.