The Bugbee Children's Center is proud to be a participant in theNew York State Child and Adult Care Food Program. Children one year and older are expected to eat from the Center menu per USDA regulations. This program has strict nutrition guidelines that must be met for continued qualification in this program. You can be assured that your child is being fed well during attendance here at Bugbee.

If you are concerned about your child's nutrition needs outside of the Center, WIC may be able to assist your family. Recent changes in 2009 have expanded eligibility and you may qualify for assistance with the cost of feeding your family. Click here for more information and eligibility.

Breakfast, lunch and snack are served. All meals and snacks meet the guidelines established by the CACFP for portions and the type of food to be served. All meals are prepared daily in our on-site kitchen facility. Children are encouraged to try items, however no child is forced to eat or punished because of refusal to eat.

We are happy to work with families who have special dietary needs as documented by a physician. Reasonable accommodations can be made on a case by case basis. Please speak with Marie Petta if you are at all concerned.

Because we have such high nutrition and food safety standards we ask that families with children 1 year and older refrain from bringing in food from home, including special occasions. We are able to provide a small birthday cake to share with the class during snack time to acknowledge a child's birthday.

We have a strict policy of not providing peanut butter or any nuts here at the center.

Vegetarian meals can be provided.

For those families who deal with lactose intolerance we are able to provide soymilk or lactaid.



We are a breastfeeding friendly center. Here at Bugbee our staff are comfortable accommodating your schedule to nurse or to provide your child pumped breastmilk. Whether you would prefer a more private space or whether you would like to sit and chat in our classroom you are welcome to nurse your child here at Bugbee. If we can be of any assistance to your needs, please do not hesitate to speak with us!

There is a wealth of information available to support your choice to breastfeed. For more information on breastfeeding please follow this link.


Special Notes for Infants:

As a parent of an infant you have the choice whether you or the Center will provide formula and food for your child until he/she is one. In order for us to serve your child he/she must first be introduced to the food at home. You, the parent, are then responsible for filling out the form on the back of your child's daily chart. The food must be served at home and offered consistently for three days before we can offer them to your child at the Center. This will help us, as caregivers, to offer your child foods that he/she is able to tolerate. We CANNOT offer any food to your child unless you have dated the chart. Please update the chart as often as needed and feel free to add any unlisted foods that your child has tried. If you choose not to participate in our food program you will be responsible for providing all the food, formula, and/or breast milk your child needs until he/she is 12 months old. Please keep in mind that tuition remains the same whether or not you choose to participate in the food program. Infant Foods 2-7months Infant Foods 8-12 months