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Attention Students! Are you looking for experience working with children in a classroom environment? Do you have experience caring for children? We have hired for the Spring 2011 semester, but if you would like to be considered for future opportunities you are welcome to complete the application found below. The positions are part-time. We frequently require help early morning (7:30 -9:30); lunch time (11:00 - 3:00) and afternoons (3:30 -5:30). If you feel you have something to offer please complete the following application:

Please complete this application and return it to Becky Miller

email: millerbecky5@yahoo.com
Mail: Bugbee Children's Center
Bugbee Hall State Street
Oneonta, NY 13825



Paperwork requirements to work with children at our Center

Thank you for your interest in working,volunteering or completing coursework at the Bugbee Children's Center. All individuals who have contact with the children and classrooms must be cleared through the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). This will take some effort on your behalf as the following paperwork will need to be completed. Students participating as observers in the classroom will only need to complete the Central Clearance Form.

1. Central Clearance Form (child abuse and maltreatment background check).
ALL INDIVIDUALS must complete this form.

2. Fingerprints and criminal background check (ALL paid employees and Interns must complete)

Step 1: Read and Complete this form

Step 2: Make an appointment. Call 1-877-472-6915 or register online (our ORI number is NY922130Z)
(appointments in Oneonta are typically accommodated Fridays)

Live Scan Fingerprinting services are offered free of charge through our local Child Care Connection Office (sponsored by Catholic Charities). Please note, fingerprints registered through State Ed are not transferable.

The Child Care Connection
176 Main Street, Oneonta, New York 13820
Ph: (607) 432-0061 / Toll Free in Otsego County: (866) 814-1117

For more information on this organization:

Step 3: Bring appropriate I.D. (as indicated on the form) to your appointment

Step 4: Return the Receipt you receive to Bugbee ASAP!

REGARDING Waivers for Fingerprints. If you have been fingerprinted in the last 3 years through the Office of Children and Family Services we can provide a waiver. We can process the waivers at our office. Please bring a government issued I.D. and the name and license number from the previous childcare center you were affiliated with.

3. Staff Physical (ALL employees and Interns must complete. Must be renewed every 2 years)
individuals with direct supervision of the children or significant contact with the classroom must be cleared by a physician or nurse practitioner as physically, mentally and emotionally competent.

4. 2 professional references

5. 1 personal reference

6. Also... please provide any OCFS approved training certificates received in the last 18 months or course syllabi from a course you are currently enrolled in related to child care, childhood development or early childhood education.


You will receive other paperwork to complete once you start and should plan on 10-15 minutes to finish the application process.



NEW! 24/7 web based courses available. Highly recommended for ALL staff members (part-time included). If you are interested in taking this online course you will need our facility ID number. Please speak with someone in the office. Thank you!





Each person responsible for developing, directing and supervising the daily activity programs for children (director) and each employee must complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of training every two years. Fifteen (15) hours of such training must be received during the first six months of the program's first year of licensure or during the person's first six months of employment by the program. Training must address the following topics:

  1. Principles of early childhood development
  2. Safety and security procedures, including communication between parents and staff
  3. Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention
  4. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care
  5. Nutrition and health needs of infants and children
  6. Business record maintenance and management
  7. Child day care program development
  8. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment
  9. Education and information on the identification, diagnosis and prevention of shaken baby syndrome.

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