Typical Resume Information


These categories are suggested areas. If you do not have information to fit, skip it!

Identifying Data: Include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Having a telephone answering machine or voice mail at your home can be extremely helpful when conducting a job search.

Occupational Objective: If you know the occupation in which you are interested, state the job function and industry in your objective statement. Stating an objective informs potential employers and network contacts that you have determined a particular direction and serves as a focal point from which they can review and analyze your resume. If you are applying to a variety of industries and your background supports several career options, state your objective using adjectives supporting the job function you wish to obtain. To maximize your options, you may need two or more resumes, EACH with a different objective to effectively "market" yourself to prospective employers. If uncertain about a career direction, just eliminate the objective.

Education: List the colleges or universities that you have attended. Include the degrees received or anticipated with a date. If you did not receive a degree, you may wish to list the dates of attendance. Your most recent educational institution should appear first. Include any certification that you have received. If you have been awarded academic honors, you may include the information in this area of your resume. If you have a significant number of honors, you may wish to locate it in a separate category on your resume. If your grade point average is 3.0 or above, you may wish to include it.

Work Experience: Include a brief summary of your previous employment listed in reverse chronological order. Include the title of your position, name and location of the employer, time frame of employment and a brief description of your accomplishments. Begin sentences with action words that describe what you did, i.e., "Posted and audited bills of original entry". If you were involved in an internship, state the dates, type of internship, organization, geographical location and position accomplishments.

Honors: Include honors awarded for sports, leadership, and service. If you received scholastic honors, you may wish to include this information here or in the Education category.

Extracurricular, Civic and Community Volunteer Work: Include activities in which you have participated, especially positions of leadership within the activities or organizations. Volunteer work or community service may also be listed.

Professional Affiliations: Include memberships that you hold in organizations related to your career field; e.g., National Education Association, American Management Association.

Special Skills and/or Abilities: Include fluency in a foreign language, computer knowledge and experience (if this is your major area, put it under Computer Skills), skills in operating office machinery if supporting job qualifications, certification or license to operate special equipment in this section. If you have written and published articles or papers, bibliographic information should be included.

Interests: Include hobbies, leisure time activities and travel experience. This is typically a space-filler, but can be included on your resume.

References: Indicate that references will be "Available upon request". If you indicate this statement on your resume, you must be prepared with a list of references. To accomplish this task:
• Request permission to list the name of each person whom you wish to serve as a reference; ask him or her if they are willing to serve as a positive reference for you. After receiving confirmation that they are willing to serve as a good reference, then:

• Create a page that matches the heading on your resume including your name, address and telephone number. List the name of each reference person; his or her official title, such as "Office Manager"; the name of the company, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone number and e-mail address.

• Submit your list of references ONLY when asked to do so by the prospective employer. Discrimination on your part will be appreciated by your references. The individuals who are serving as references are busy people and they want to help you, but please be fair to them!