Interview Follow-Up - Thank You Letter


1. After an interview, send a typewritten thank-you letter within 24 hours. See sample outline letter below.

2. Immediately furnish your prospective employer with any additional recommendations requested.

3. If you have been promised a definite answer from an employer regarding a certain position and you have not received any word on the appointed date, a courteous letter of inquiry or telephone call from you is proper. It does no harm to show genuine interest on your part.

Thank You Letter Outline

Your Address
City, State Zip Code
Today's Date

Interviewer's Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.) Interviewer Name:

1st Paragraph: Thank interviewer for the interview and express appreciation for courtesy and consideration extended to you. State job for which you interviewed, date of interview and location.

2nd Paragraph: Reaffirm your interest in the position and the organization. Mention anything you have done since the interview that would evidence interest, i.e., performed additional research on the company, talked with local dealers or representatives.

3rd Paragraph: Show your willingness to provide any additional clarifying data or statements and submit any further information you may want to add to your application. Close letter appropriately.


Full Signature
Typed Name

Sample Thank You Letter (.pdf)  or Sample Thank You Letter (.doc)

Sample Thank You Letter

444 Forward Drive
Oneonta, NY 13820
January 7, 2005

Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Director of Advertising
123 Discover Lane
Wellness, ME 01245

Dear Ms. Davis:

Thank you for interviewing me yesterday, January 6, 2005.  I enjoyed meeting you and members of your staff and the valuable information you gave me concerning the Account Executive position. As a result of our interview, I’m even more convinced that your position is right for me.

With my experience, education, and highly motivated personality, I believe I am the perfect fit for your company. My internship with XYZ company, gave me the insight to know I can work under pressure and meet deadlines. It also gave me the background necessary to work in advertising, as I have hands on advertising experience that you are requiring for the position.

Thank you once more for the interview. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Should you have further questions, I may be reached at (607) 111-4321.


Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision

REMINDER - Within one day of the interview, you should write and mail a brief note to the person with whom you talked, expressing your thanks for the time he or she spent with you. You should mention something specific from the interview to indicate your letter is personally written to the reader, not just a form letter.

Keep Records

Develop an accurate file system to keep track of schedules and confirmed appointments, contacts and responses for easy reference during your campaign and for use in future campaigns.


Contact Person _______________________________________________
Title of Contact Person __________________________________________
Company/Organization Name ____________________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________
Phone Number _______________________________________________
Position applied for ___________________________________________
Date resume mailed ____________________________________________
Date of follow-up phone call _____________________________________
Results? _____________________________________________________
Date of interview ______________________________________________
Names and titles of people met during interview ______________________
Date thank you letter mailed ______________________________________
Date of follow-up phone call (if necessary) ____________________________
Results? _____________________________________________________

A 4 x 6 inch, lined index card is usually suitable. You can use the back of the card to write additional notes. Also, attach a copy of the position announcement, your cover letter and resume to the card. Your goal is to keep all of the information regarding each position organized and in a central location. There are several database programs that will also help you to organize this information. How you keep track of the information is not important. Just choose a method that will be easy for you to use.