After the Interview

  • Within 24 hours, send type written thank you letters to the interviewer and to the person who "set-up" the interview for you. In the note you can include any important points that you forgot to mention. You can reaffirm your interest in the position - you may also want to highlight some of your important qualities. Keep the note brief and very enthusiastic.

  • If you do not hear from the organization (or if you call and your call is not returned), you may have to admit that the organization is not interested in hiring you. It is unfortunate, but many companies simply don't contact the people they are not interested in.

  • However, if you are contacted and told that you are not being considered for the position, you have a right (and a need) to ask the interviewer why you are not being considered. Most interviewers are willing to give you feedback. Be sure to take the feedback in stride--after all, the interview was only one possibility. If you are smart, you will have other possibilities lined-up.

  • DO NOT assume that because you have had one interview, you can wait for the results before going to another interview. It is tempting to relax your job search while you are waiting to hear from one organization, but this will get you nowhere fast. Far better to have to turn down an offer than to have to beg for one!

  • Evaluate your interview answers. Consult a Career Counselor if you have concerns or questions. Interviewing is a learned skill, not an inborn talent.