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First Destination Outcomes



Celebrating the next stop for recent graduates

The Outcomes Report for the first destinations of May and August 2015 graduates, across all undergraduate and graduate majors at SUNY Oneonta.


Graduate Outcomes by School


School of Economics and Business

School of Arts

School of Education and Human Ecology




Explore individual reports detailing the first destinations of graduates from each of the five schools and highlighting major-specific data by clicking in the appropriately labeled box.

*These reports are preliminary and include data for May 2015 and August 2015 graduates.


What is the next stop for new SUNY Oneonta alumni?

First Destinations for the Class of 2015

  • Employment
  • Continuing Education
  • Other (serving in the Military, Starting/Caring for/Raising a Family, Volunteering, No Plan Indicated)


Key facts and figures for recent graduates


Reported their employment

Reported their employment is related
to their major field of study


Found a job

Found a job within 3 months
of graduation



Accepted into a graduate program

Accepted into a graduate program
for those who indicated they are
continuing their education.


Mean annual starting salary

Mean annual starting salary
reported for full-time employment
among 120 recent graduates.



71 unique programs

Continuing their education in 71
unique programs at 68 unique
institutions across the country.
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317 unique job titles

Have 317 unique job titles at 422
unique employers across the country.
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Type of Degree for
Continuing Education

Degree Chart Continuing Education Pie Graph
  • Master's Degree
  • Doctorial Degree
  • Other (Bachelor's Degree, Professional Degree)

Employment Status

Employment Status Pie Graph
  • Working full-time
  • Working less than full-time

Where working full-time is equal to more then 30 hours per week


Most common fields of employment are:


Source for all data: SUNY Oneonta 2015 First Destination Survey


SUNY Oneonta graduates from the Class of 2015
compared to their peers across the nation

Comparing First Destinations at National & Local Levels

Comparing First Destinations

  • National Data
  • SUNY Oneonta

Source: SUNY Oneonta 2015 First Destination Survey and NACE 2014 First Destination Survey



Cassandra Mullinnex
First Destination Assessment Coordinator
(607) 436-2534

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