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Requesting Letters


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  1. Letter Writers should be people with whom you have established a positive working relationship, for example, your advisor, previous employers, coaches, cooperating teachers, etc.  Ask letter writers if they would be willing to write a positive letter of support for you.  Give the letter writer a copy of your resume as well as any information you have about the jobs and/or graduate/professional school programs to which you are applying.  Whenever possible, give the letter writer as much advance notice as possible.  Writing a good reference letter takes time.

  2. Once the person has agreed to write a reference letter for you, obtain his/her email address. 

  3. Log into your DragonLink account, click on the Credentials tab(see #1 in Starting your Credential Folder), and then click on the Recommendation Requests tab.
    4. Next click on the +Add New tab.

    5. Complete the Recommendation Request by entering the writer’s name and email address


    A Confidential Recommendation Letter is an agreement between you, the letter writer, and the Career
    Development Center (CDC) that indicates you have forever waived your right to view the content of the
    recommendation letter.  The CDC cannot disclose the content of the confidential recommendation letter
    or indicate whether or not the letter contains supportive or non-supportive statements.  Some employers
    and graduate/professional school admission committees believe confidential letters provide a more
    honest evaluation of you.

    A Non-Confidential Recommendation Letter may not have the same credibility as a confidential
    recommendation letter to an employer or graduate/professional school but may still be useful to
    have in your credential folder.  You may view and/or print your non-confidential recommendation letter.
    Click the Submit Requests► tab at the bottom of the screen.  The request will go electronically to your
    recommendation letter writer along with instructions and a link to access DragonLink.

    If the letter does not appear under the Completed Recommendations tab in a timely fashion, you can click
    on Re-Send Request under the Recommendation tab. Please note: letters should be uploaded as a pdf, on
    letterhead, with contact information as well as a signature.


Placing Credential Folder Orders (Sending out Your Credential Folder)

For those of you who would like these instructions as a PDF file, please click here