Re-evaluation of Transfer Credit


SUNY Oneonta accepts up to seventy-five (75) transfer credits from all regionally accredited colleges and approved external programs as per the policies outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.  If a student believes a course was not granted the appropriate equivalency, the student may appeal to have the course reviewed for a different equivalency.  There are different routes for appealing equivalencies depending on where the course was taken and what equivalency the student is requesting.

A SUNY course was not granted a General Education (GE) attribute:

  • A course that carries a GE attribute at one SUNY carries the same GE attribute at Oneonta.  If a transferred SUNY course seems to be missing an attribute, the student should contact Admissions (if the review is occurring prior to orientation) or Academic Advisement (if the review is occurring after having attended an orientation session).  No paperwork is required as these courses should count automatically.  Admissions or Academic Advisement will update the student’s record accordingly.

A non-SUNY course was not granted a General Education (GE) attribute:


SUNY Courses:

  • If you do not agree with Oneonta’s decision on the granting or placement of credit that you earned at a prior SUNY institution, you have the right to submit an Oneonta appeal via this process:
  • If the request is denied, or if the student would like to start with the official SUNY appeal process, students may ask for a review via the Registrar’s Office and this form: Transfer Credit Appeal Form.
  • If this request is denied and you do not agree with your campus’s decision, or you have not received a response in 15 business days, you may appeal to the SUNY System Provost.  You can submit the appeal by filling out the student appeal form

and sending it along with requested material via email to
or send via certified mail to:
Dr. David Lavallee
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
SUNY System Administration
One University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
The SUNY Provost will respond to your appeal within five business days from receipt of the completed appeal application. If the decision finds merit to change the course to meet a major requirement, the receiving institution will be notified to take appropriate action.



Questions regarding re-evaluations and substitutions should be referred to Admissions prior to attendance at the College, and to Academic Advisement once students enroll in courses at Oneonta.
Academic Advisement