For Incoming Freshmen


The Academic Advisement Center works closely with the Office of New Student Services to help you understand your degree requirements and course registration for your first semester at Oneonta. As part of the Orientation process, you will be asked to fill out a new student information request form which we use to assist us with your pre-set schedule.

What is a pre-set schedule?
At most schools, new freshmen are the last to register for classes, thus, making the entry to college a potentially frustrating process. We reserve over 4,000 spaces in courses for freshmen before even our seniors are able to register. In essence, freshmen register before seniors. We take these courses and create 4-course schedules, or presets, for you. Each pre-set has been designed by a department chairperson with a particular major or program in mind. Usually the pre-sets contain three General Education (basic distribution) classes and one course in your major (often this course is a General Education course as well). In addition, we use the information you provide us on your 'new student information request form' to tweak your pre-set just for you. If you change your major after your freshman year, the courses from the preset still count toward graduation. If you are unsure about your choice of major, the preset will contain four General Education courses. You will receive copies of your pre-set schedule during Orientation. You will then work with a faculty advisor to choose a fifth course. The pre-set schedule guarantees that you as a first semester freshman, start out with the courses that you need as well as ones you want.

Advisement by faculty in your major
During Orientation, you will work with a faculty advisor to choose a fifth course. This faculty member is typically from your major area and will give advisement about a class that enhances your schedule. After you complete registration, you will receive your permanent advisor's name and phone number. This advisor is a valuable resource for you as you plot your way through your time at Oneonta. Our advisors provide their advisees with a wealth of information about the major, internship opportunities, and career opportunities. If you are undecided about your major you will be assigned to a faculty member from an area in which you have an interest. We encourage you to see your advisor several times a semester to plan, to talk, and to learn.

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