Financial Aid/Degree Applicable Credit (DAC)


To be eligible for Federal/State financial assistance, a student must be enrolled in a Program of Study. A program of study is a degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) with a declared primary major. Financial aid eligibility can be calculated based on coursework required for this degree and primary major. Click here for a list of majors.

Degree Applicable Credit (DAC) is credit needed to complete the primary major along with other overall college requirements as follows:
-122 total credits (sh)
-60 or 90 Liberal Arts sh
-48 upper division (200-level or higher) sh
-45 sh in residence
-30 of last 60 sh in residence
-1/2 the major in residence

If you work with an Advisor early on you may be able to use elective spaces to complete a dual major and/or minor, but only credit needed to reach your overall college requirements (primary major, General Education, and the minimum number of electives to reach 122 sh) is considered DAC. Click here to read more about DAC.

The rules regulating Financial Aid are many and complex. Students need to work closely with their Financial Aid Counselor to understand financial support. Click here to visit the Financial Aid website.

Click here for Financial Aid FAQs

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