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This page serves as a resource for faculty and staff. If you do not see what you need or have further questions, please feel free to contact our office at 3390 or by email.


Total Credits 122 s.h.
Liberal Arts 60 s.h. BS/ 90 s.h. BA
Upper Division 48 s.h.
Residency Overall 45 s.h. AND 30 of last 60 at Oneonta
Residency in major 1/2 major core at Oneonta
Max credits in major - BS 60 s.h. (see exceptions**)
Max credits in major - BA 45 s.h. (ARTS, MUSC, & MUSI may go to 60)
Credit required outside major - BS 62 s.h.
Credit required outside major - BA 77 s.h.
GPA overall and in major 2.00 (Education requires 2.8/3.0)
Max PHED "ACT" credits 12 s.h. (6 s.h. if prior to Fall 2009)
Overlap between/among majors/minors

Max of 2 courses


College Writing Exam All students must pass
  *HUEC, BSEC, FLAN, ENGL, MATH, CSCI, STAT, and COMM majors may take up to 75 s.h. in major with no more than 60 s.h. in any one discipline
Students must check DegreeWorks to track progress toward degree completion


SUNY Oneonta is now using DegreeWorks, a new user-friendly degree audit tool. DegreeWorks tracks degree progress, provides links to course descriptions and registration information, and enables students to see "What If" scenarios for different majors and concentrations. Faculty Advisors have access to their advisees' DegreeWorks, and Department Chairs have access to all students in their Departments' majors.

DegreeWorks can be accessed from your myOneonta, by clicking on the link on the left-hand side.

Click here to see a Power Point with detailed information about DegreeWorks.


A Course Substitution Form is submitted when a Department wishes to allow an alternate course to fulfill a major or related work requirement for a particular student. Forms are obtained from the Academic Advisement Center by faculty only and must be submitted by the Department that houses the major directly to Academic Advisement.


A Transfer Credit Re-evaluation is submitted when a Department wishes to change a transfer course to be equivalent to an Oneonta course. This may be done for an individual student only or for all future students. Forms are submitted by the Department that houses the course. General Education courses are reviewed by Academic Advisement.


A Declaration or Change of Major/Conc/Degree/Advisor form is submitted by a student and can be used to change, add, or drop a major, concentration, or advisor. It can also be used to change between a BS or BA degree. Except for changing BA/BS, the form requires Department signature. This form is not used to add a minor. Minors are under the purview of the Department and are not currently tracked on DegreeWorks.