Academic Resources


Sometimes it's hard to know where to go to get help. Here are some of the more common offices that students visit. If you are unsure of which office you need, call any of the ones listed below for guidance.

 Academic Advisement Center
100 Netzer, (436-3390). The center can assist you with interpreting academic policies and procedures as well as guide you through General Education and College-wide degree requirements. Advisors are able to help you put together an academic plan for degree completion. This is a wonderful resource for a variety of academic concerns.

Career Development Center
110 Netzer, (436-2534). This center provides you the opportunity to explore career options. The services they offer include: career resource library, individual career counseling, resume and cover letter critique, career development courses, job listings, and credential folders.

Center for Academic Development & Enrichment (CADE)
225 Alumni Hall, (436-3010). The center provides tutoring in writing, study skills and subject area courses. If you are having difficulty in a course please stop by CADE, to see about a tutor.

Counseling, Health & Wellness Center
(436-3368). The Counseling Center provides counseling, education and support to you by providing the following services: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Couples Counseling, Consultation and Outreach Programs. In addition to assisting you with personal crises, the counseling center can help you with stress management and relaxation techniques.

Educational Opportunity Program
(436-2407). EOP has offices in both Alumni Hall and Netzer Administration. This office provides support for a diverse student body of students admitted through the program. For Summer 2013, EOP is located in Wilber Hall.

Student Disability Services
209 Alumni Hall, (436-2137). This office assists you with coordinating special services and acts as a liaison to faculty and staff about any special needs you may have. All eligible students must register with the office.