Do not throw your green envelope away!!

Green Envelope


Dear New Student:

Welcome to SUNY Oneonta! The Student Accounts Office looks forward to working with you and your family.   Student Accounts is the department responsible for billing tuition and other charges each semester, processing financial aid payments, and issuing student refunds.

We are sending you this message to alert you to an action item you will need to take care of before you arrive on campus in January.  The College partners with the Higher One Corporation to deliver refunds to students.  As a new member of the campus community you will need to log into the Higher One website to select your refund option.

What is a refund? Any time there is an overpayment (credit balance) on their account; students receive the excess from the Student Accounts Office via a refund. This can happen when a student receives financial aid, including loans, scholarships, or grants.  Refunds also result from adjustments to the bill. These could include a change in room assignment, a reduction in course load, etc.

What are the refund delivery options? Students may elect to receive refunds via a mailed paper check, a direct deposit to an existing bank account, or direct deposit to a One Account with Higher One. The latter method will activate the MasterCard Debit Card feature of the Oneonta Red Card.

All students will receive an Oneonta Red Card in the mail.  This card provides the login information to the Higher One website where the refund delivery method is chosen.  Because any student could receive a refund over the next two to four years while at Oneonta, all students are expected to choose how any future refunds are delivered to them.

Is the Oneonta Red Card a credit card? No, the Oneonta Red Card is simply a tool for choosing the delivery method of future refunds. It only becomes a MasterCard Debit Card if the student opts to open a Higher One account as their delivery method.  (The Oneonta Red Card is NOT the student campus ID which can also be used as a prepaid campus card to house Dragon Dollars.  You will learn more about Dragon Dollars during your orientation period and as the spring semester approaches.)

Do not throw your green envelope away!!

Your green envelope will arrive in the US mail and will contain your Oneonta Red Card.  You will use it to choose your refund delivery method.  All SUNY Oneonta students need to make a choice.

You will need the last four digits of your student ID number (the one starting with “A0...”)to authenticate your status as a SUNY Oneonta student and make your choice.  More information can be found at or at

Please note that refunds to parents (from parent loans, college savings plans, or other payment plans) are not issued through Higher One, but by the Student Accounts Office via paper check.

If you have any questions, you may call us at 607-436-3389.

Thank you for your attention