This statement of purpose and procedures is intended to facilitate the transition of graduates of an associate degree program at Adirondack Community College to a baccalaureate degree program at SUNY Oneonta.  The College at Oneonta recognizes its particular responsibility to students from its surrounding region, as well as from the rest of New York State, to insure a smooth transition from a two-year institution.  The College at Oneonta has made a strong commitment to help transfer students maximize their opportunities.




  1. Adirondack Community College students who have graduated or who will graduate with an AS in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science, who apply in a timely manner and meet the admission criteria at the time of application, will be admitted to the BS degree program in Biology with a Human Biology Track upon application as matriculated students with junior status at the College at Oneonta.


  1. There is a 66-credit limit on the number of eligible transfer credit granted.  Further information on the College at Oneonta’s transfer credit policy can be found on it’s website,


  1. Students completing the course of study put forth will complete ten of the twelve College at Oneonta General Education Two requirements at Adirondack.


  1. The courses recommended in this agreement are not to be considered contractual; they reflect the current, appropriate sequencing of courses that will make the articulation most compatible.  Students are advised to consult both Adirondack Community College’s and the College at Oneonta’s catalogs to check any modification or changes to program requirements.


  1. This agreement will be monitored on a yearly basis by contact among the articulation coordinators and department chairpersons.  Each institution assumes responsibility for making this a viable and workable agreement for interested students.  Either institution, giving the other one-year written notice, may terminate this agreement.
  2. Each institution may carry out publication and marketing of this agreement.  This can include, but is not limited to, printed material, websites, and inclusion in admissions material.


All students transferring to the College at Oneonta from Adirondack Community College under this agreement must:



Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.


Once accepted into the College at Oneonta, students who are transferring into the BS program in Biology with a Human Biology Track with an associate’s degree under this agreement will:




This agreement will come into effect on July 22, 2002 and both colleges will review, edit, and re-sign this agreement by July 22, 2007.  The course selection included in this articulation may be subject to change as new requirements are established for majors.  Both institutions assume a good faith effort to continually update each college on any changes to programs and requirements.  This is a joint effort on the part of both institutions to help transfer students maximize their transferability.


The primary contact person at the Adirondack Community College campus will be Douglas Gaulin, Assistant Professor of Counseling/Transfer Counselor, Adirondack Community College, 640 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY  12804.  (518) 743-2200.


The primary contact at the College at Oneonta will be the Coordinator of Transfer Articulation, College at Oneonta, 116 Alumni Hall, Oneonta, NY 13820.  (607) 436-2524.


Liberal Arts and Science:  Mathematics and Science

Adirondack Community College

Articulated to

Biology with a Human Biology Track

College at Oneonta


  Oneonta Equivalency


First Semester

HRD Freshman Experience                1-3sh

ENG 101 Writing I                               3sh

BIO 111 General Zoology                    4sh

MAT 127 Intro to Statistics                  4sh

SUNY Gen Ed US History                   3sh

PED Physical Education                        1sh



Second Semester

ENG 102-110 Writing II                      3sh

BIO 112 General Botany                      4sh

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology           3sh

CIS 111 Computers & Applications     3sh

PED Physical Education                        1sh



Third Semester

SUNY Gen Ed Western Civilization      3sh

PSY 101 Intro Psychology                   3sh

CHM 111 General Chemistry I            4sh

BIO 205 General Ecology                    4sh

SUNY Foreign Language Course         3sh



Fourth Semester

SUNY Gen Ed Arts Course                 3sh

SUNY Gen Ed Humanities Course       3sh

CHM 112 General Chemistry II           4sh

BIO 212 Genetics                                4sh

ANT 103 Physical Anthropology          3sh



First Semester

Elective Credit                                  1-3sh

COMP 100 Composition                     3sh

BIOL 100 General Biology I                 4sh

STAT 101 Intro to Statistics                 4sh

US History Gen Ed Met                       3sh

Physical Education Elective                   1sh


Second Semester

COMP 200 Advanced Composition     3sh

BIOL 105 General Biology II               4sh

ANTH 100 Cultural Anthropology        3sh

CSCI 100 Intro to Computers              3sh

Physical Education Elective                   1sh



Third Semester

Western Civilization Gen Ed Met          3sh

PSYC 100 Intro to Psychology 3sh

CHEM 111 General Chemistry I           4sh

BIOL 282 General Ecology                  4sh

Foreign Language Gen Ed Met 3sh



Fourth Semester

Arts Gen Ed Met                                  3sh

Humanities Gen Ed Met                        3sh

CHEM 112 General Chemistry II         4sh

BIOL 212 General Genetics                 4sh

ANTH 130 Intro Biological Anthro.      3sh


Students following the above outline would have to complete the following coursework at Oneonta State College upon transfer:

Oneonta General Education                  6sh

ANTH 232                                          3sh

Morphology. Complete one:

BIOL 205, BIOL 340, PSYC 324

ANTH 331                                       3-4sh

Evolution/Ecology.  Complete two:

ANTH 221, ANTH 230, ANTH 234,

ANTH 330, ANTH 331, ANTH 332,

BIOL 216, BIOL 311, GEOG 225,

GEOG 304, INTD 214                        6sh

Biomedical.  Complete two:

ANTH 219, ANTH 236, BIOL 206,

BIOL 207, BIOL 362                       6-8sh

(One of the above courses must be a 300-level course or an additional course must be taken)

Complete one of the following options:

CHEM 221 and CHEM 322 OR

CHEM 226 and CHEM 330                8sh





Fifth Semester

BIOL 205 Anatomy & Physiology I      4sh

Oneonta General Education                  3sh

CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I          4sh

Elective Credit                                      3sh



Sixth Semester

BIOL 206 Anatomy & Physiology II    4sh

Oneonta General Education                  3sh

CHEM 322 Organic Chemistry II         4sh

Elective Credit                                      4sh



Seventh Semester

ANTH 232 Biol. & Culture Change      3sh

ANTH 230 Primate Behavior                3sh

Upper Division Elective                         3sh

Elective Credit                                      3sh

Elective Credit                                      3sh



Eighth Semester

ANTH 236 Health and Healing             3sh

ANTH 332 Human Pop. Genetics         3sh

Upper Division Elective                         3sh

Elective Credit                                      3sh

Elective Credit                                      3sh





The previous schedule shows how the requirements for the BS in Biology with a Human Biology Track may be met in eight semesters when transferring from Adirondack Community College with an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science.  This schedule is an example of one of many possible different schedules.  It is included only as an illustration of the type of schedule that might be followed by a full time student.  All students should consult their advisors when they plan their schedules at Adirondack Community College and then at Oneonta State College upon transfer.