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Heroes Take Action!

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I CAN... Be Open Minded, Fight Racism, Challenge Assumptions, Combat Homophobia, Overcome Ingorance, Demand Equality, Condemn Sexism, Change the World! HEROES TAKE ACTION!

Ready to Take Your Action Hero Skills to the next level?

The Action Hero program is here to support you through your journey of skill building, we recognize that by working together as a team we CAN have a positive effect on our community here at Oneonta. By challenging yourself to learn more you gain hone your skills here and take them to the places that your journey beyond Oneonta takes you....and we can effectively work together to change the world.

Here are some of the programs available to you to get involved with:

Clubs & Activitives that support the mission of Action Hero

Training Opportunities
Safe Spaces-strengthen your ally skills to combat homophobia
Green Dot-gain skills to help you in the fight to condemn sexism



and remember...