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This section is taken from an essay by Jos Slabbert. The entire essay can be found here.

One could ask why one should write about ignorance at all. People who are truly ignorant are not aware of their ignorance - not being aware that one does not know is a defining quality of ignorance. The ignorant will not really read this kind of article, for they will not know this is applicable to them. So why "preach to the converted"? Ignorance seems to be a universal condition. In some way and to some degree, we are all ignorant. To a certain extent, we are all victims of illusion... Becoming aware of one's own ignorance is the first step towards getting rid of ignorance. It is a thinking process, but also one of taking concrete steps in real life. It is an act both of analysis and commitment. No matter how wise or compassionate one is, there is always room for improvement. Becoming wise and compassionate is a never ending quest.

Aspects of ignorance

  • Lack of right knowledge
  • Lack of application
  • Egotism

Behavioral Symptoms of Ignorance

  1. Talking too much
  2. Closed mind
  3. Egocentrism
  4. Inflexibility
  5. Ambition
  6. Vanity
  7. Desire for status
  8. Envy, jealousy, meanness
  9. Quick to condemn, slow to forgive
  10. Cynicism
  11. Driven by emotions
  12. Easily captured by ideas
  13. Lack of perspective
  14. Feelings of superiority
  15. Materialism
  16. Impatient action

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