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Heroes Take Action!

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I CAN... Be Open Minded, Fight Racism, Challenge Assumptions, Combat Homophobia, Overcome Ingorance, Demand Equality, Condemn Sexism, Change the World! HEROES TAKE ACTION!

While this might sound the most daunting of all the Action Hero statements, it is actually one that you have already started… just by wearing the Action Hero shirt you are committing to making our community- and the world – a better placeThere are many websites out there that talk about Social Justice and Social Responsibility.  Let’s start with Social Responsibility… most websites seem to talk about Corporate Social Responsibility  which is key to understanding how the companies from whom we purchase ‘stuff’ from do business in the world… but let’s start with ourselves. 

Richard Hersh and Carol Geary Schnieder defined  Personal Social Responsibility  this way: “Personal responsibility and social responsibility involve the moral obligation to both self and community, and both forms of responsibility rely upon such virtues as honesty, self-discipline, respect, loyalty, and compassion.”(From Fostering Personal and Social  Responsibility on College and University Campuses. AACU)


SO now you are saying …. Umm…. What exactly does that mean for me… a student… how can I CHANGE THE WORLD???

There are many ways to better the communities in which we live- from the on-campus community to our global community. Some suggestions are:

  • Recycle
  • Pick up after yourself
    (including puting the butt in the garbage if you smoke)
  • Be civil
  • Volunteer
  • Don’t puke on a neighborhood lawn
  • Educate yourself about political issues
  • Confront negative behavior
  • Plant a tree (in an approved area of course)
  • Support causes in which you believe and let others support their causes
  • Stand up for your beliefs

Email your suggestions for changing the world one step at a time to us.


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