Office of Communications


The Office of Communications promotes the mission, identity and reputation of SUNY Oneonta by presenting the college to the public through a variety of media. We:

  • develop and distribute news releases;
  • help the news media cover important stories;
  • create and place print, web and radio advertising;
  • produce videos and publications that promote the college;
  • photograph events and people; and
  • plan long-term strategies for institutional communications.  

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Let's talk about your needs, and how we can help:

Graphic Design
Ian Lascell
(607) 436-2208

Media Inquiries
Hal Legg
(607) 436-2748

News Releases
Lisa Miller
(607) 436-3317

Michael Forster Rothbart
(607) 436-2856

Barry Haney
(607) 436-2508

Jared Stanley
(607) 436-3285

Jennifer Smith
(607) 436-3031