Environment for Learning, Living, and Working Survey Working Group


Eddy Alvarez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Africana and Latino Studies and Women and Gender Studies
Lynda Bassette, Director, Educational Opportunity Program
Mary Bonderoff, Director, Student Diversity and Advocacy
Faith Tiemann, Manager, Center for Multicultural Experiences
Patti Hanley, Director, CAMP
Rebecca Harrington, Health Educator
Grazyna Kamburowska, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Math, Computer Sci, Statistics
Zanna McKay, Ph.D., Faculty Associate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Terrence Mitchell, Chair, Chief Diversity Officer
m.c.montoya, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Elliot Ruggles, Ph.D., Director, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
Andrew Stammel, Esq., Affirmative Action/Title IX Officer
Sue Rankin, Ph.D., Consultant
William Walker, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cooperstown Graduate Program