The College responds to bias acts, including hate crimes, according to procedures that have been ratified by President’s Cabinet and are reviewed on a regular basis; the procedures can be found here.  Reports of bias acts will be reviewed by the Bias Acts Response Team; the names and contact information for the team members can be found here.

The Bias Acts Response Team oversees the responses to individuals and/or communities who have been affected by bias acts.  Responses may include investigation and adjudication, as appropriate, by University Police Department, the Office of Student Conduct, and/or the Affirmative Action Office.  Other kinds of responses (e.g., passive or active programming about bias acts, facilitated meetings among those who have perpetrated bias acts and those who have been targeted, etc.) are arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Persons or communities who have been targeted will be contacted by a member of the team to discuss possible responses and options for investigation and adjudication.

For information about bias acts and the College’s response, please contact a member of the Bias Acts Response Team, or contact one of these BIAS ACTS RESPONSE Offices:

University Police Department
Office of Student Conduct 
Affirmative Action Office                
Office of Equity and Inclusion 

Alumni Hall
Netzer 119        
Netzer 133B 
Netzer 133



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