Academic Master Plan Task Force

Feel free to contact any of the Task Force members about the AMP.

Note: Andrew Kahl (Theatre) was appointed to Co-Chair for AMP Phase II by Dr. Maria Thompson, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, in August 2013. Co-chairs for each working group were invited by the Deans during the fall of 2013. Dr. Thompson replaced Patty Francis as Co-Chair of the Task Force in October of 2013. The task force is currently organized into five working groups and a coordinating central committee.

(Susan Turell & Sunil Labroo, Co-Chairs)

Nathaniel Bouman, Communication & Media
Amie Doughty, English
Kathryn Finin, English
Alison Fugit, CADE
Michael Green, Philosophy
Geoffrey O'Shea, Psychology
James Vogler, Physical Education and Biology Jennifer Withington, Biology

(David Yen & Theresa Russo, Co-Chairs)

Sven Anderson, Art
Jon Arakaki, Communication & Media
John Bagby, Theatre
Alvin Dantes, Library
Brenda Seery, Human Ecology
Sam Wild, Student Representative

(Eileen Morgan-Zayachek & Joe Pignato, Co-Chairs)

Patrice Macaluso, Theatre
Wendy Mitteager, Geography
John Schaumloffel, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kiyoko Yokota, Biology/Biological Field Station
Sen Zhang, Math, Computer Science and Statistics

(Venkat Sharma & Jim Mills, Co-Chairs)

Linda Drake, CSRS
Dawn Hamlin, Educational Psychology, Couseling and Special Education
Maria Montoya, Foreign Language and Literature
Janet Nepkie, Music
Florian Reyda, Biology/Biological Field Station
Dawn Sohns, Communication & Media
Gayane Torosyan, Communication & Media

(Richie Lee & Gretchen Sorin, Co-Chairs)

Rosemarie Avanzato, Human Ecology/Secondary Education
Alejandra Escudero, Foreign Language and Literature Karen Joest, Human Ecology
David Jurasinski, Human Ecology
Penina Kamina, Elementary Education and Reading Chris Keegan, Philosophy
Fida Mohammad, Sociology
Trudy Thomas-Smith, Chemistry and Biochemistry

(Andrew Kahl and Maria Thompson, Co-Chairs)

Sunil Labroo, Physics and Astronomy
Richie Lee, Interim Dean of Education & Human Ecology
Jim Mills, Geography
Joe Pignato, Music
Theresa Russo, Human Ecology
Venkat Sharma, Dean of Natural & Mathematicals Sciences
Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program
Susan Turell, Dean of Social Science
Sam Wild, Student Rep
David Yen, Dean of Economics & Business
Eileen Morgan-Zayachek, Interim Dean of Arts & Humanities