Academic Master Plan Task Force

Feel free to contact any of the Task Force members about the AMP.

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Note: All appointments to the committee were made byDr. Maria Thompson, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Ashley Bowden, Graduate Student (Appointed)

Dr. Leah Bridgers, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (Elected by Senate)

Mr. Richard Cebada, Undergraduate Student (Appointed)

Dr. Charlene Christie, Associate Professor, Psychology (Appointed)

Dr. Todd Ellis, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences (Elected by Senate)

Mr. Andrew Kahl, Associate Professor, Theater (Elected by Senate)

Ms. Kelsey Knutsen, Undergraduate Student (Appointed)

Dr. Michael Koch- Associate Professor, Philosophy (Elected by Senate)

Ms. Anne McFarland, Senior Assistant and Head of Bibliographic and Digital Services, Milne Library (Elected by Senate)

Dr. Bill Proulx - Co-chair - Associate Professor, Human Ecology (Appointed)

Dr. John Schaumloffel - Co-chair - Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (Appointed)

Mr. Keven Schermerhorn, Graduate Student (Appointed)