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Welcome to the College at Oneonta Academic Master Plan website. This site is intended to facilitate a transparent and inclusive AMP development and establishment process. Feel free to browse this site by following any of the links on the left side of this page.

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Academic Master Plan Phase 1 Survey

As part of Phase 1 of developing an Academic Master Plan, members of the academic community were invited to help establish the core elements of the academic culture at SUNY Oneonta.  Along with the information gathered through the Phase 1 surveys of faculty, staff and students, the Academic Master Plan Task Force engaged the academic community through open forums, meetings with departments and offices within the division, and with regular reports to the College Senates to gather and communicate infomration about aspirations and goals for the academic culture at SUNY Oneonta.  

The Phase 1 survey closed on July 31, 2012, after allowing, respondents sufficient time to consider relevant resources including current strategic and comprehensive plans and the academic master plans of other institutions (all of which can still be found under the AMP resources link of this website).   We hope this process allowed as many members of the academic community as possible to participate in AMP-focused group and individual conversations before completing the survey. Survey results were subsequently analyzed using key word data analysis to isolate repeated themes and to define core areas of interest to the academic community.

In closing, survey input will be critical for the development of a meaningful and effective Academic Master Plan.  Working groups were formed during AMP, Phase II around themes defined by evalluating the survey data and the reponses generated by those surveys have been integrated into the resources available to those working groups.

What kind of input did the survey seek? Below is an outline of online survey content:

  1. Please describe in 100 words or less your vision of the ideal academic experience.
  2. What do you think needs to be done here at SUNY Oneonta to create the ideal academic experience you describe?
  3. If you could strengthen just one aspect of the Oneonta academic experience what would it be and what would you do to strengthen it?
  4. Demographic information (not required)
  5. What is your position at SUNY Oneonta?

As an example, one community member's response to item 1.

"The ideal academic experience exists at an institution that makes pedagogical concerns related to teaching, learning and scholarship the focus of all planning and resource allocation.  The golden thread that weaves through all academic experiences is a liberal arts experience that teaches and promotes liberal-arts thinking and problem solving regardless of major, department, or division by creating an engaging and interactive learning environment that promotes and supports experiential learning through close faculty-student interactions in and out of the classroom.  The focus is on promoting curiosity, critical thinking, creative problem solving and diversity to address local, regional, national and global issues." 


Online Survey is now closed.


Downloadable Survey: Download an MS Word version of the survey used by The Academic Master Plan Task Force, Phase I.

Follow this link to access the downloadable version of the Academic Master Plan Phase 1 Survey