Academic Master Plan Phase 2: Initiation and Implementation

The desired outcomes of Phase 2 of the Academic Master Plan process are to:

  • Advance the values articulated in Phase I for the Division of Academic Affairs by defining action steps that will advance teaching, learning and scholarship
  • Develop detailed, credible and assessable initiatives for a five-year planning cycle beginning in the fall of 2014
  • fully engage stakeholders (faculty, students, staff, etc) in the continued development of the Academic Master Plan
  • be inclusive of all stakeholders who participate in and contribute ideas to the AMP process
  • be transparent regarding decision making and the discussion of ideas and initiatives, through open forums and periodic reporting
  • Create a final written report for the Provost summarizing recommendations from each working group to be used as a central planning document for the Division of Academic Affairs
  • complete Phase 2 by June 2014

AMP Phase II Working Groups and Central Committee Members