Academic Master Plan
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Final Planning Document

Strategic Priorities Planning Document

Consolidated Templates (Alphabetized by Working Group)

Alphabetized Summary by Group

Compiled Initiatives and Action Steps

Proposed Initiative Template

Middle States Self Report Final Draft 2013

Final Report from Phase I Co-Chairs 1-9-2013

Summary of the AMP Phase 1 Process to date 9-13-12

Presentation to the Academic Affairs Divisional Meeting 8-27-2012

Presentation to the College Senate 2-27-2012

AMP Co-chairs' Memo to the Campus 10-25-2011

Comprehensive College Plan

College at Oneonta Strategic Plan 2010

College at Oneonta College Portrait

Facts about the College at Oneonta

Institutional Distinctiveness Task Force Report Fall 2009

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The Power of SUNY - Strategic Plan

Academic Master Plan from other Colleges

Note: The Academic Master Plan of each college is unique to the insitution for which the plan was developed based on the mission of the institution and the key academic elements identified by the stakeholders of the institution. Therefore, the following resources are provided only as samples of the academic master plans of other campuses and should not be interpreted as models for the SUNY Oneonta AMP.

University of Cincinnati Academic Master Plan

Ohio State University's Academic Score Card

Texas A&M Academic Master Plan

Middle Tennessee State University Academic Master Plan 2007-2017