About the Academic Master Plan

The Academic Master Plan:

  • is a faculty owned and driven plan that advances teaching, learning and scholarship
  • reflects the State University of New York and The College at Oneonta strategic plans
  • provides a 30,000 foot view of the College at Oneonta's academic community
  • states the key elements and values of the college's academic community
  • provides guideposts for refining and updating academic programs
  • is an internal communication tool that assists other divisions in supporting the Division of Academic Affairs
  • is an external communication tool for fundraising and for attracting external partners

Initial questions that helped to shape the Academic Master Plan:

  • What steps should we take to strengthen our academic culture and community?
  • How do we strenghten and support our academic culture and community in the face of decreasing state appropriated funding?
  • How can we provide a high quality educational experience while controlling costs?
  • What is the optimum balance of teaching, service and scholarship for the academic culture and community we desire to foster?
  • What experiential learning activities are best for the type of academic culture and community we desire to foster?
  • How should we respond to external factors that potentially impact our academic culture and community including:
    • economic trends?
    • market trends?
    • demographic trends?
    • technology trends?
    • competition from other colleges?