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Welcome to the College at Oneonta Academic Master Plan website. This site is intended to facilitate a transparent and inclusive AMP development and establishment process. Feel free to browse this site by following any of the links on the left side of this page.

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Academic Master Plan Frequently asked questions


Why does Academic Affairs need to develop an Academic Master Plan since the college already has a new strategic plan?

There are several important reasons for developing an Academic Master Plan. Here are two of the most important.

  1. The Academic Master Plan will articulate the core values of Academic Affairs and provide the opportunity to focus the institution on its mission to promote excellence in teaching, research and creative activity.
  2. The institution has embraced a resource allocation process that relies mostly on stategic planning and assessment. Consequently, not having an Academic Master Plan (aka strategic plan for academics) will put Academic Affairs at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring resources to support teaching, learning and scholarship.All other divisions of the college have strategic plans. Academic Affairs is th only division at the college without an Academic Master Plan.

Why is the AMP process so slow?  Why is it taking so long to complete the process?

The timeline for completion of Phase 1 of the Academic Master Plan is December 2012 so the process is moving forward and the AMP Task Force expects Phase 1 to be completed on or before December 2012.  However, it is the position of the Academic Master Plan Task Force that it is better to get the AMP  done right than to get it done fast.  To that end the AMP Task Force is using a process that is completely open, inclusive and consultative to ensure everyone in the academic community has the opportunity to provide input and have their voice heard. 

Why should students care about having an Academic Master Plan?

Student input is valued and important because students have unique insights and perspectives into the academic culture of the college. Furthermore, helping develop an Academic Master Plan is a form of community engagement and stewardship that provides students the rare opportunity to help shape the future of the college in a significant way.  

What can I do to help?

 The most important thing is to engage in the process by completing the survey and attending AMP related meetings and events.  The next most helpful thing is to encourage others to do the same.