Giving to SUNY Oneonta shows that you believe in providing deserving students with an affordable, top-quality education.

Tuition and fees only cover a portion of the actual cost of educating an Oneonta student.  Private support is an essential resource for scholarships, enhancements to academic programs, campus life, funding for student research, and many other initiatives that help us fulfill the college’s mission.

It is a widely held misconception that as a SUNY school, Oneonta derives all of its funding from the state of New York. On the contrary, the college is only assisted by the state, from which it currently receives just 12% of its annual operating expenses. Private contributions help to bridge the gap between the total cost of a college education and the amount students pay in tuition.

Everyone has his or her own reasons for giving, and every gift — large and small — helps provide the means for SUNY Oneonta to change the lives of students, faculty, alumni and all members of the Oneonta community.  Here are just a few ways your gifts are making an impact at the college:

Scholarships              Faculty Awards                 Lectureships