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Meagan Kane ’12, recipient of the  Joan Melzer Lydon ' 71 Scholarship, established by Kathy and Bob Lunger in memory of Kathy’s sister.



Growth of academic scholarships at SUNY Oneonta has always been one of the college’s top priorities. In addition to supporting students with financial need, scholarships assist the college in attracting, retaining and supporting a highly-talented student body.

Through generous gifts, the number of scholarships awarded to SUNY Oneonta students has more than doubled since 2001, with more than $3.3 million in scholarship support awarded in 2013-14.

At our annual Scholarship Dinner, donors have the opportunity to meet scholarship recipients and see the impact of their gift firsthand. Consider these words of thanks from recent recipients:


“Receiving the Timothy and Margaret Brock scholarship has given me the financial assistance I needed to take advantage of so many opportunities at this college, like my study abroad experience in Barcelona, which would not have been possible without their generous gift. I will always be grateful for the help they have provided me in my education and I hope there are more individuals who show other students the same act of kindness and generosity.”

Samantha Vespe '13
Recipient of the Timothy and Margaret Brock Scholarship




“My scholarship has significantly eased the stress on my financial situation. It was nice to know that my academic efforts have been recognized and rewarded. It feels good to have my work pay off when I least expected it. I have felt the impact that my scholarship made on my future and I hope that others will find themselves in a similar situation.”

Peter McPherson '14
Recipient of the Dorothy Wemple Scholarship




“Receiving a scholarship has greatly impacted my experience here at Oneonta. I appreciate everything I have more than some of my friends. I know that a stranger is helping me pay for college and that motivates me to work harder in my classes. It really means a lot to me. I hope to one day give back and help a future Oneonta student.”

Esther Hering '15
Recipient of the Edward K. Griesmer Scholarship