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Research and Creative Activity
Grant Program Recipients

Thanks to all who submitted proposals to the 2013-14 Faculty Research Grant and Creative Activity Grant Programs administered through the GDO. Twenty-eight proposals were submitted to the two programs requesting nearly $72,000 (competing for $50,000 in available funds). Fifteen grant awards were made to faculty from across the disciplines. Congratulations to awardees:

Research Grant Awards

Tracy K. Betsinger (Anthropology)
The Biological Consequences of Social Deviancy in Post-Medieval Poland

Devin Castendyk (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences) & Hugh Gallagher, Jr. (Physics & Astronomy)
Role of Sub-Ice Currents in the Vertical Circulation of Lake Vanda, Antarctica

Michele Cheney & Pamela Wrigley (ESCORT/Student Development)
Teacher Preparation: To What Degree are Teachers (in Schools with High and Low Populations of English Language Learners [ELs] Trained in English as a Second Language Methodology?

Lisa Curch (Sociology)
Social Perspectives on Food & Eating Experiences in Retirement Communities

Sallie Han (Anthropology)
A Healthy Love of Reading: Literacy Practices at the Pediatric Well Child Visit and at Home

Les Hasbargen (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Meandering Stream Migration Rates in Otsego County, New York

Jeffrey Heilveil (Biology)
Is Unlimited Otter Trapping in New York State Justified? Assessing Population Vibility of American River Otters in NYSDEC Regions 4 and 5

Vicky Lentz (Biology)
Why Some Fish Species are Hosts for Freshwater Pearly Mussel Glochidia and Others Are Not:
An Assessment of Tolerance Induction in American Eels
(Anguilla complanata) to Eastern Elliptio

Florian Reyda (Biology)
A Genetic Component for the Survey of Otsego Lake Fish Parasites

Trudy Thomas-Smith (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Construction of Portable UV Spectrophotometers Employing Solid State Light Sources

David Wong & Willard Harman (Biology / Biological Field Station)
Impacts of Invasive Zebra Mussels on Benthic Community of Otsego Lake

James Zians (Psychology)
Should Trait Anger Become a New Diagnostic Category?

Creative Activity Awards

George Hovis (English)
My Beauty is No Sin (A Novel)

Orlando Legname (Music)
Composition of an Original Work Called The Arrow of Time for the Festa Della Musica Europea
in Rome, Italy

Julie Licata & Brett Masteller (Music) & Rhea Nowak
Interdisciplinary Collaborative Communication

Brett Masteller (Music)
The Viola in My Yard

Jared Stanley (Communications)
Each One Teach One