as of June 23, 2015

Tracey Ranieri (Athletics)
Associate Sports Information Director
NCAA Strategic Alliance Matching Grant

William Wilkerson (Political Science) & James Greenberg (TLTC)
CC*DNI DIBBS: Virtual Infrastructure for Data Intensive Analytics (VIDIA)
National Science Foundation (CC*DNI)

Devin Castendyk (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)
Collaborative Research: The unique thermochemical stratigraphy of Lake Vanda: Its origin and resilience to climate forcing
National Science Foundation (Antarctic Program)

Timothy Newton (Music)
Fostering Campus and Community Partnerships through the Celebration of Afrocentric Choral Music
SUNY Explorations in Diversity and Academic Excellence

Susan Turell, Janet Day, Sandy Smith & Jim Cerullo (School of Social Sciences)
New Degree Program - B.S. Health and Fitness Science: Exercise Science Track
SUNY High Needs Program

Alexander Robillard (Graduate Student) & Donna Vogler (Biology)
Determining the Status of the Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) in New York State
Turtle Conservation Fund

Todd Foreman (Finance & Administration)
SUNY Oneonta’s A+ Plan
NYSUNY 2020 Round IV