Grants Development Office/Sponsored Programs
Advisory Council


The Grants Development Office (GDO) and Sponsored Programs (SP) joint Advisory Council (GDO/SP Advisory Council) facilitates ongoing interchange between these administrative units and faculty to strengthen existing and future partnerships, and enhance ‘seamless’ pre- (GDO) and post- (SP) award service. The Council is charged with the following:

  • Receiving periodic updates on the activity of the two offices (e.g. grants submitted/ awarded, contracts negotiated/awarded; projects in development; sponsored programs-related procedures and policies; campus-based grant programs).
  • Supporting outreach to the academic community with respect to GDO/SP services, special events, grant funding programs, and efforts to engage more faculty participation in research/creative/scholarly activity.
  • Making recommendations regarding ad hoc committees for review of Faculty Research and Creative Activity Grant Programs, and, potentially, other campus-based grant programs.
  • Providing ongoing feedback from the perspective of the faculty regarding GDO and SP activities, policies and procedures.
  • Making recommendations concerning the relevance of institutional policies and procedures to both faculty needs and agency requirements.

Nancy Bachman (Biology) – STEM
Paul Bischoff (Secondary Education) – Education
Jennifer Bueche (Dietetics, M.S. Online Program) – Human Ecology
Barbara Durkin (Management, Marketing & Information Systems) – Economics & Business
Andrew Kahl (Theatre) – Humanities/Arts
Ho Hon Leung (Sociology) – Social Sciences
John Schaumloffel (Chemistry & Biochemistry) – PHS Research Integrity Officer / SUNY Oneonta Scientific Misconduct Policy Officer


Updated 11/30/12