To recognize and honor outstanding SUNY Oneonta students who conduct high-quality independent research and creative activity with faculty sponsorship, the College at Oneonta Foundation (CF) will award prizes in the amount of $300 to up to five individual students who present work at the 2014 Student Research & Creative Activity (SRCA) Day on March 26. Faculty sponsors of prize winners will also receive a $100 prize. Nominations from across the disciplines will be considered.

Unexpended funding from Student Grant awards made over the years has been carried-over annually in the Research Foundation of SUNY account established to administer the Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity; funding is sufficient and available in this account to fund the fourth year of this initiative (no additional allocation by the CF is required).

Student Eligibility

  • Students working solely on projects conducted as part of a class or coursework are not eligible.
  • Only students recommended by a faculty sponsor will be considered (see process below).
  • If more than one student worked on a project, the individal student nominee’s contribution to the project must be clearly delineated in the faculty nomination.
  • Student finalists must be present at SRCA Day and available to a team of adjudicators to be eligible for consideration (specific times will be arranged in advance).

Review Process / Timeline

March 7

SRCA Day abstracts due


Faculty sponsors will be contacted for nominations, to be submitted online at https://helpdesk.oneonta.edu/survey/entry.jsp?id=1365014988800

Recommendations will include the following criteria:

  • Confirmation that the student’s project is independent (i.e. not related to coursework), and the level of independence of the candidate to the work

  • Individual contribution of candidate, if project includes other student co-authors

  • Project has been, or will be, presented at an outside professional venue and/or published/exhibited

  • Novelty of the candidate’s work/contribution to the field

  • Student’s oral communication skills

By March 24

Faculty recommendations due

Nominees screened by GDO staff for eligibility; recommendations forwarded for review by the Committee on Research

Finalists chosen and notified; abstracts and recommendations of finalist sent to adjudicators
(team of CF Board members)

April 23

SRCA Day – finalists are available for presentation to adjudicators (informal Q&A at presentation);
time will be established in advance

April 25

Outcome is reported to Committee on Research

April 25-26

Finalists are notified of outcome

May 9

Reception for prize winners, finalists, 2012/13 student grant recipients and their faculty sponsors, CF Board members, administration, etc. Presentations of finalists will be displayed, and student prize winners make brief presentations (~5 minutes).

Finalists will be identified at SRCA Day on their nametags and presentation site; all finalists will receive a certificate, and prizes will be awarded at the reception.

Questions? Contact the Grants Development Office at 607.436.2632 or 2434


Updated 4/3/13