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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Navigating the Internal and External Funding World
at SUNY Oneonta

Click on the links below for the three PowerPoint presentations from the September 2015 workshop

Part I: Navigating the Internal and External Funding World at SUNY Oneonta(pdf)

Part II: How to Write an Effective & Fundable Application: Demystifying Proposal Writing (pdf)

Part III: An Introduction to the National Science Foundation (NSF) and its Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) Program (pdf)


On Campus Funding Opportunities for Faculty and Students

Faculty Grant Programs for Research and Creative Activity

Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity

D'Antonio Undergraduate Student Travel Program




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Student Grant Program for Research & Creative Activity

2016 Student Research and Creative Activity Day

2015 College at Oneonta Foundation Awards for Excellence in Student Research and Creative Activity

Caroline '67 and David D'Antonio
Undergraduate Student Travel for Excellence Fund

Quick Facts About Undergraduate Student Research at SUNY Oneonta

The Grants Development Office (GDO), a unit of the Office of Academic Programs (Division of Academic Affairs), makes a significant impact on the College, both financially and culturally, by working with facuty and staff to obtain external funds for research and other scholarly efforts, programs, instruction, and other institutional priorities and initiatives. The GDO also supports and promotes the connection of research (particularly that which engages students) and professional development to scholarship and academic excellence. The GDO assists faculty and staff with conceptualizing, planning, drafting and submitting proposals; contact us during the early stages of developing your proposal. This allows us to serve you best, by providing everything from proposal drafting, editing and formatting, to submission of proposals.

The GDO/Sponsored Programs (SP) Advisory Council facilitates ongoing exchange between these administrative units and faculty, to strengthen existing and future partnerships, and enhance "seamless" pre- (GDO) and post- (SP) award services.



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