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On the Bright Side: SUNY Oneonta Foundation surpasses $10M fundraising goal

From The Daily Star, July 19, 2007

By Amy L. Ashbridge
Staff Writer

The College at Oneonta Foundation has exceeded its fundraising goal for its most-recent campaign.

Alumni and other donors gave $12 million. The foundation set a goal of $10 million, according to a news release Wednesday from the State University College at Oneonta. The five-year campaign ended late last month.

"We’re amazed," said Ken Kellerhouse, immediate past president of the foundation’s board of directors. "We’re very happy, and we’re very happy with the response."

The theme of the campaign was "Changing lives since 1889," the year the college was established.

"It resonated with alumni," said Paul Adamo, vice president for college advancement and executive director of the foundation.

The college’s endowment nearly doubled during the campaign. It was $17.1 million at the beginning and was more than $31 million when it ended, according to the news release.

That money goes to support SUNY Oneonta and scholarships for students. Adamo said there were 119 named scholarships at the beginning of the campaign, and there are now 182 scholarships. Those scholarships will provide more than $1.5 million in aid to students this academic year, Adamo said.

Many of those awards go to local students.

Adamo said 19.1 percent of alumni donated to the college this past fiscal year. That compares to the State University of New York average of 9.3 percent.

"It takes almost 1,000 alumni donors to move 1 percentage point," Adamo said. "That was phenomenal."

Alumni aren’t the only ones who want to help their college. Kellerhouse said many faculty and staff, past and present, also donated to the campaign.

Kellerhouse said that shows the employees are "very happy with the college."

The college’s first campaign had a goal of $4 million, said Board of Directors Past President Karen Elting.

"We were nervous because we never raised that much money," she said.

This campaign raised three times that amount.

"We did extremely well," Elting said. "It’s just very gratifying."

Adamo said the foundation will start raising money for the sciences. That campaign will include money for scholarships for science students.