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Dr Toke Knudsen

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Toke Knudsen

Why I attended the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meeting…
As a professor, I owe it to my students to stay up-to-date with research and happenings within my areas of study. In addition to attending the conference, I had the opportunity to give two presentations, “Jnanaraja’s Critique of Bhaskaracarya’s Siddhanta-siromani,” and “Historical Mathematical Sources at SUNY Oneonta.” Both presentations were based on my research and experience with SUNY Oneonta students.

The Historical Mathematical Sources at SUNY Oneonta…
The Alden Room in Milne Library holds a collection of more than 220 American mathematics textbooks, student notebooks, diaries from past mathematics faculty members and more. I use this collection whenever I teach MATH 301, Introduction to the History of Mathematics, and I have used it with students in numerous independent studies. Furthermore, I have had students receive several student research grants to work on material in the collection.

How faculty development impacts students…
When faculty members are able to expand upon their prior teaching and research, students benefit from a more well-rounded and global learning experience. On top of presenting at the Joint Mathematics Meeting, I am also the Program Coordinator of the Mathematical Association of America’s History of Mathematics Special Interest Group. In this role I participate in meetings and activities throughout the year, always adopting new research and ideas for my students.

A bright future for SUNY Oneonta…
I believe that the future is bright for SUNY Oneonta, and that starts with experiential learning for students and faculty. Attending conferences, lectures, meetings, and collaborating with peers is how we will grow as a community. Funding for these opportunities is critical. I am grateful to everyone who supports expanded learning beyond what has already been discovered. 

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