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Kimberly Cushman ’17

The impact of my scholarship…
Knowing that I am being supported by members of the SUNY Oneonta community encourages me to maintain focus on my academic goals.  I have the honor of receiving multiple scholarships, one of which is a physics scholarship. I feel that I am responsible to represent the Physics Department and I am happy to do so.  Knowing that others believe in me and support my education has made me work even harder toward my dreams of becoming a physicist.

When I attended the Undergraduate Women in Physics conference…
Being surrounded by over 200 women who love physics as much as I do was so encouraging. Although we all came from different backgrounds and had different levels of experience, we are all chasing the same goal: to learn and understand the truth of the universe. So many of the women I met are leading me on the path I am planning to follow towards graduate school in physics. Seeing the enthusiasm of the female professors and graduate students, and hearing about their experiences in the context of women in physics, was a unique experience I could not have had elsewhere. 

How scholarship support has helped me grow…

My experiences at the professional conferences I have attended have been the most influential piece of my educational and personal journey so far. I was able to witness real physicists sharing their research with one another in non-watered down language. My passion for physics inspired me to put myself in an intimidating situation, alone in a new environment surrounded by masterminds. I forced myself to approach world class physicists and become part of their community. The experience broadened my horizons to see what physics can be, and I am now on a path which is geared toward conducting research. If not for the scholarships, these experiences might never have occured.

My Oneonta experience so far…

I have had an amazing experience at Oneonta. I feel encouraged and supported by all members of the Oneonta community, and without this, there is no way I could be achieving what I am so far. My life would not be the same without the academic and financial support I receive
each semester.

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