Web Payments


On-line payments are accepted for current semester bills and housing and tuition deposits for newly accepted and returning students.

Go to my.oneonta.edu

Returning and newly accepted students can make a payment on your current semester bill by looking in the left hand column and clicking "Student Bill".

For returning students to make a payment on a housing deposit scroll down to Residence Life and Housing after entering your username and password click on Student Services and Financial Aid, then click Residential Community Life, then click Online Housing Deposits.

For newly accepted students to make a payment on housing and tuition deposits click on Admissions, after entering your ID# and PIN choose Admissions Deposit Form.

  • Your student username and password are required.
  • Discover, VISA, Mastercard and American Express accepted.
  • View our Privacy Policy.
  • If a financial hold has been place on your account, it will be removed within 24 hours of payment in full.
  • **If you have received a private scholarship and it does not appear on your bill as a deferrable item, please mail your bill, scholarship check and letter to the Student Accounts Office for processing instead of processing your bill on the web.**