Sponsored Programs


Foreign Travel

Any person employed by, representing or acting on behalf of the Research Foundation (RF) must follow RF policies for travel outside the United States and for reimbursement of expenses specific to foreign/international travel. This includes the requirement for submission of the appropriate Export Control Survey. These policies are in addition to domestic travel policies, procedures and responsibilities. The RF has established foreign/international travel policies to respond to complex and ever-changing travel regulations.

Sponsor Guidelines
Travelers should review sponsor regulations and award terms & conditions before traveling outside the United States. Many sponsors have different requirements for foreign travel, and some have certain programs that award funds for international research and/or training. These programs may have special requirements in addition to those imposed by the sponsor and the general award terms and conditions.

Travel Warnings
Based upon relevant information, the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs decides to issue Travel Warnings to U.S. citizens. SUNY Oneonta and Oneonta RF-funded travelers going to any country indicated by the U.S. Department of State to have a travel warning must have advance written approval from the SUNY Oneonta Operations Manager, Todd Foreman and President, Dr. Nancy Kleniewski, with written notice also provided to the RF Central Office (RFInternationalTravel@rfsuny.org), before traveling.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to check the current Travel Warnings list before traveling, to obtain the necessary authorization, and to read and abide by the information contained in the travel warning.

International Travel Assistance
RF is authorized to provide international travel assistance coverage for all persons traveling overseas on official RF business. Further information on this assistance is provided on the RF website at International Travel Assistance - Traveler's Guide.

Health Insurance and Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
Check with your health insurance carrier for foreign travel information before traveling. Contact Melissa Nicosia, Sponsored Programs Human Resources, to obtain information on blanket international travel assistance coverage, as well as emergency health insurance benefits, for all persons, excluding independent contractors, traveling overseas on official Research Foundation business.

For foreign travel, travelers should contact the Sponsored Programs Office to assure compliance with sponsor guidelines.

In compliance with the Fly America Act, all travel on federally funded projects must be on a US flag air carrier.

If a traveler plans to rent a vehicle while in a foreign territory, the RF Office of General Counsel and Secretary should be notified beforehand. Please refer to the Foreign Travel Policy on the RF website for further information.

Some sponsors consider Canadian travel to be domestic travel, while others consider it foreign travel. Travelers should check sponsor guidelines to determine how their sponsor classifies Canadian travel and categorize it accordingly for payment purposes. Even when travel to Canada is considered domestic by the sponsor, travelers should claim foreign rates for payment unless the award instrument or sponsor regulation provides otherwise.