Sponsored Programs


Sponsored Programs (SP) is responsible for insuring that all expenditures comply with applicable Sponsor, Research Foundation (RF), SUNY and Federal guidelines. This is done by reviewing the terms and conditions of awarded contracts and grants and maintaining current knowledge of federal rules and regulations.

SP staff are committed to a maximum two-week turnaround for purchases, not including extenuating circumstances. Planning ahead helps assure that expenditures get processed correctly and in a timely fashion.

Principal Investigators, Project Directors and Project Administrative staff can monitor expenditures on awards through the RF Report Center. Training on the Report Center is provided to all appropriate staff upon receipt of an award.

Purchase Orders
Purchases with sponsored funds can be made by completing a RF Purchase Requisition. The purchase requisition should include a description of the goods to be ordered, quantity requested, price, suggested vendor(s), appropriate authorization, expenditure category and the project, task and award to which the items should be charged.

Quotes from the vendor, ordering forms, registration forms, or other descriptive materials should be attached to the purchase requisition.

Purchase requisitions should be sent to Sponsored Programs. A purchase order will be produced based upon the information submitted.

Upon receipt of the goods, the recipient should determine if the goods or services are acceptable or unacceptable. If the order is acceptable and complete, please sign and return the receiving copy to SP office so payment can proceed.

If the goods or services are unacceptable, contact Sponsored Programs.

Purchases from Vendors who do not accept Purchase Orders
The SP office has a corporate credit card account that can be used to charge expenditures on sponsored programs. A purchase requisition should be completed according to the instructions above and submitted to Sponsored Programs where the charge will be processed on the corporate credit card account.

For purchases charged to the SP corporate credit card account, a receiving copy may not be sent. In that case, please send a packing slip to the Sponsored Programs office and advise if the items shipped are complete and acceptable.

Out of Pocket Expense Reimbursement Policy
Purchases paid for out-of-pocket are discouraged from vendors who would accept a purchase order or a purchase via the corporate credit card. In those cases when a vendor will not accept a purchase order or a corporate card, then RF personnel may make project-related purchases with personal funds (including personal credit cards) if purchases comply with the requirements of the RF, SUNY and the Sponsor. Requests for reimbursement should be submitted on a RF Purchase Requisition with the original receipts, description and purpose of the purchase, amount requested for reimbursement, appropriate authorization, name and address of the person to be reimbursement, the expenditure category and appropriate project, task and award number to which the expenditure should be charged.

Please be advised of the following for out-of-pocket purchases with personal funds:

  • Prior to making any out-of-pocket purchases, a Tax Exempt Certificate should be obtained from Sponsored Programs and used when making the purchases.
  • If the vendor would have accepted a tax exempt certificate and it was not used, taxes paid in accordance with the purchase may not be reimbursed.
  • If the vendor does not accept the tax exempt certificate and taxes are paid, then an explanation for the denial of tax exemption must be included on the purchase requisition for consideration of re-imbursement.
  • Reimbursement may be disallowed if it is determined that the purchase violated any Federal, Sponsor, RF or SUNY regulations.