Sponsored Programs


Most employees are now using E-Time Reporting. Here is the link to Self Service to sign in. If you have any problems, please contact Melissa Nicosia at x2294.

2017 Payday Schedule

Direct Deposit Form - we encourage direct deposit otherwise all checks will be mailed to address of record. Beginning January 2017, checks will not be available for pick up in our office.

For those doing paper timesheets please see information below:

Things to remember when submitting time sheets for sponsored programs:

  • Time sheets should be signed by both employee and supervisor
  • Send hourly time sheets to Lara Woods, Bacon Hall Room 29
  • All other time sheets (monthly and bi-weekly) should be sent to Melissa Nicosia, Bacon Hall Room 20
  • NON-EXEMPT EMPLOYEES  - Signed time sheets should be submitted  by the Wednesday following the end of the pay period. Hourly pay time sheets submitted after 2 p.m. on that Wednesday will not be paid until the following pay period.
  • EXEMPT EMPLOYEES (Salary pay) – Signed accrual/exception reports should be submitted to Melissa Nicosia, Bacon Hall Room 20 by the 15th of the month following the period being reported.
  • Late time and/or accrual sheets may prompt a phone call as a first reminder, a written notification to the supervisor as a second reminder, and a communication from the Operations Manager as a third reminder.
  • All supervisors should designate an alternate signatory to sign time/accrual sheets in their absence.

IRS regulations require that payroll and consultant payments for work be paid directly to the person performing the work. Therefore, they are not reimbursable expenses.


Hourly Timesheet Form

Biweekly Timesheet Form