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Human Subjects and the IRB

Studies involving human subjects (participants) at SUNY Oneonta are subject to review by the College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), a committee designated by the Provost to approve, monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research involving humans with the aim of protecting the rights and welfare of the research subjects. An IRB performs critical oversight functions for research conducted on human subjects that are scientific, ethical, and regulatory.  In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services and the DHHS Office for Human Research Protections have empowered IRBs to approve, require modifications in planned research prior to approval, or disapprove research.

Studies must have formal, written approval from the IRB prior to the commencement of a project.  In addition, Responsible Conduct in Research Training must be completed by all investigators named on a study.   

Responsible Conduct in Research Training – the CITI Program     
IRB Forms and guidance documents
IRB Submission