Sponsored Programs


An honorarium is paid to a lecturer or speaker when the speaking engagement is not extensive or the lecturer does not ask for compensation. Under these circumstances the Project Director may offer to pay expenses plus an honorarium or just an honorarium.

A person cannot have both an employment relationship and an Independent Contractor relationship with the same organization. For this reason, a SUNY-paid employee who gives a SUNY-sponsored lecture would be compensated through SUNY's extra-service payroll process. Likewise, a Research Foundation employee who gives a Foundation-sponsored lecture would be compensated through the Foundation's payroll process.

The College follows the SUNY policy and the Research Foundation Policies for payments of Honoraria and Extra service:

If the service provider is a . . .

Then . . .

SUNY academic or professional employee

the honorarium payment must comply with SUNY policy
Honoraria and Travel Reimbursement by University Employees.

non-SUNY service provider

Up to $2,500 - Pay as Honorarium
Over $2,500 – Pay as Independent Contractor

Research Foundation employee

an honorarium cannot be paid.  Extra Service Payment may apply.

How to Process Payments of Honoraria

  • Submit Lecturers and Speakers Payment Request Form PRIOR to engagement date
  • Be sure to include contact information of the speaker:  mailing address, phone number and email address
  • Attach Announcement of event or other evidence of speaking engagement that includes specifics of the event (date, title or purpose, etc.)

            For reimbursement of travel and per diem costs, speaker submits standard Travel Payment Request form.  As in all State and Research Foundation travel reimbursement, IRS and U.S. General Services Administration rates apply.