Teaching Assistantship Policy


Download: Teaching Assistantship Form

Teaching Assistantship

  1. Teaching assistantships do not carry liberal arts (LA) credit.

  2. Teaching assistantships can only be taken on a pass/fail (P/F) basis.

  3. In order to be eligible for a teaching assistantship, a student should have an overall GPA of at least a 3.0.  Students must document that they have acquired the skills they need to carry out their duties.  These skills can be acquired in formal course work (with at least a grade of B in any course which is relevant to his/her duties as a TA) or in another setting such as expertise acquired as part of a job. 

  4. A student will be limited to: a maximum of 12 s.h. of TA credit during his or her entire college career; 3 s.h. of TA credit in any one semester; and a maximum of 6 s.h. of TA credit for any one course. Therefore, we wish to ensure that students do not substitute teaching assistantships for course work to an excessive degree.  Our justification for limiting the number of TA credits a student can amass in any one course is our belief that the educational benefits of serving as a TA for a course diminish and that after a point a teaching assistantship becomes a job rather than a learning experience

  5. Teaching assistantships will be limited to students with junior or senior status who have completed a least 12 s.h. of courses at SUNY-Oneonta.

  6. SUNY-Oneonta policy does not permit undergraduate teaching assistants (who, by definition, are non-employee students) to grade, or in any manner process, tests or papers of another student.  It is the position of the College that such grading or processing would be an invasion of student privacy, possibly leading to embarrassment or humiliation of the student test-taker.  In addition, the situation could offer opportunities for such offenses as grade selling, or coercion of either the test-taker or the grader.

  7. Faculty and teaching assistants will comply with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and institutional policies regarding FERPA.  These policies are located on the Registrar’s webpage.  Hardcopies are available in the Registrar’s Office.

  8. All departments must use the same application form for students wishing to serve as teaching assistants.  The form must describe: the student's duties; how the student's performance will be assessed; the courses that the student has taken as preparation for his or her duties as a TA and how the students performed in those courses.  The application must be approved by the relevant instructor, department chair and the relevant academic dean.

  9. The course title must be TA in (subject #), for example TA in Accounting 100. This will enable the Registrar to monitor the number of times a student serves as a TA in a particular course.

  10. Departments will have the discretion to use more stringent criteria.

  11. Appeals for exceptions will be addressed to the academic deans or the Vice- President for Academic Affairs.  A copy will be forwarded to the Senate Committee on Instruction.