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ADDING COURSES – No signatures are required for courses to be added during the first 5 class days of the semester UNLESS:


  • The course is closed.

  • The course requires department or instructor approval.

  • The student has not met the course prerequisite.

  • The student has a time conflict (additional documentation required).

From the 6th to the 10th class day of the semester (day following 3rd class for 2nd half and mini courses) students must obtain your signature to add your class.

The student must take the signed form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.  Please check one of the two options when signing add forms:

Option #1:   Only if seats available 

Option #2:   Overriding all restrictions.

You may also use the Override Option on the web: http://facultyservices.oneonta.edu.   The student must then register for the course via the web.

You may not hand add a student to rosters.  We encourage you to take attendance during the first week of classes and advise students not on your roster of their responsibility to register for the course.

DROPPING COURSES – Students do not need your signature to drop your course.  Students must drop courses prior to the last date to withdraw from an individual course.

Students may drop full semester courses via the web during the first five class days of the semester.  From the 6th class day to the last day to withdraw from an individual course, all drops must be processed at the Registrar’s Office. This includes mini and half semester courses.

Students still enrolled must receive a final grade (not an Incomplete or “W” grade).  See Withdrawal for Reasons of Poor Attendance, on the next page.


Faculty may check up to the minute enrollment in their courses via the web.


FIRST WEEK – A student must attend one of the first two class hours in each course, as well as the first laboratory (if applicable) or you may declare the student’s place in a course vacant. 

AFTER THE FIRST WEEK – After the 5th class day, up until the last date to withdraw from an individual course, you may request an “Involuntary Withdrawal” for any student who has missed 25% of scheduled class meetings. 

If you wish to remove a student from your roster, you may do so in one of three ways:

1) via your web roster – written instructions are given to all faculty when class rosters are distributed the first day of class and the day following add/drop (the directions are distributed in paper copy and through e-mail)

2) e-mail Maureen Artale, College Registrar (Maureen.Artale@oneonta.edu)  indicating course CRN, student name and identification number

3) submit a copy of your roster to the College Registrar with annotation next to student’s name

In all cases, please indicate last date of attendance, if known.  No withdrawals will be processed after the withdrawal deadline.



POSTING GRADES - Federal law (FERPA) prohibits posting grades using student names and/or identification numbers.  However, it is permissible to post by a code name or number (not the Oneonta I.D. number, social security number, or any part thereof) agreed to by the student and you. Also, please scramble the names on your roster before assigning code names, so that a posting does not reflect an alphabetical listing of your roster.  If you use the web to inform students of grades on course assignments, tests, etc., you must also assign a code name.  It is also against FERPA regulations to leave students’ graded work in a general pick up area.  Graded course work must be returned individually to students.  Please be aware that under no circumstances may a listing of student names and ID numbers, or any part thereof, be posted for any reason. Violations of this law can result in termination of Federal funding to the College.

GRADE CHANGES – Once you have assigned a final grade, it may not be changed unless you discover a computational error.  A grade change form must be completed, describing the error and must be signed by your department chair.  You must not permit students to submit missing work or extra credit to improve a final grade, nor may you re-evaluate an individual’s course work.  If twelve months have elapsed since the grade was issued, no grade change will be made.

INCOMPLETE GRADES  (I) - Students may request an Incomplete grade when a majority of the course work has been completed, but due to circumstances beyond their control, they are not able to complete the final assignments. You may not assign an incomplete without the student’s knowledge.  Missed work must be able to be made up independently. Students must not re-register for the course in order to make up the Incomplete.  An Incomplete Grade Agreement Form must be submitted by the instructor for each incomplete assigned.  Incomplete grades may not be changed to a “W” at a later date.

PENDING GRADES (PEN) – The PEN grade may be assigned when you discover a specific skill deficiency in writing or reading in a student’s work, but not in place of an “E” or an “I” grade.  Students are required to start remediation during the next semester in residence.  If you assign a PEN grade, you must also complete a Student Notification of Pending Grade form.  The deadlines to resolve PEN grades are the same as that for Incomplete grades, listed above.

REPEATING COURSES – Students may repeat a course to improve their grade point average. If the course was initiallytaken in the Fall of 1994 or thereafter, only the higher grade will be calculated in the grade point average.

(NOTE: Both grades are calculated in the GPA, if the course was initially taken prior to the Fall of 1994.)


• Access your class rosters, teaching schedule, enrollment figures and input your interim and final grades on the web.

• You need your social security number or Oneonta ID number and a PIN for access.  If you want a tour of the faculty services website or have questions, contact Maureen Artale, College Registrar, ext.3216.



with Grading and Rosters

In the fall of 1999, the College implemented web services which provides faculty with the ability to access rosters and submit grades online. For the past ten years we have encouraged faculty to switch from the paper process to the online process.  Currently less than 18% of the faculty continue to use the paper process.  Given the economic climate and the College’s efforts to increase green initiatives, beginning this fall semester the Registrar’s Office will no longer produce paper grading sheets.  In Spring 2011, the Registrar’s Office will no longer produce course rosters. 

NEED A PIN?  In order to access on-line grading and rosters, faculty members will need their ID number (or SSN) and PIN.  If you do not know your PIN, you can attempt to answer your security question after entering your ID number. If answered correctly, you will be able to reset your PIN.  If you do not have a security question or don’t remember the answer to the question, you will then need to have your PIN reset manually by the Information Technology Help Desk.  Simply bring photo ID to the Help Desk in the Milne Technology Center, located in the basement of the library, where a professional staff member can reset your PIN.  Plan ahead!  Make sure your PIN is working prior to grading in case you need assistance from the Help Desk.

NEED TRAINING?  The Registrar’s Office will be conducting web services training for all those who are interested in finding out more about web services.  Below is a schedule of trainings that are being offered.  No reservation is necessary.  We will also be happy to offer assistance/trainings to departments and individuals as needed. 
The Registrar’s Office is pleased to be able to contribute to the College’s green initiatives. 


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