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Independent Study

The purpose of independent study is to allow students to pursue projects that do not fit within the framework of regular course offerings. It is intended to be a truly independent project of a special nature which may carry from 1 to 6 s.h. of credit.

To be eligible for independent study, the student generally must meet certain conditions which are listed below:

1) Completion of at least one semester's work in a degree program at SUNY Oneonta.
2) A cumulative grade average of at least 2.00, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
3) No more than 6 semester hours of work in independent study during any one semester, or no more than a total of 30 semester hours in independent study toward degree.
4) The student and his/her sponsor will prepare and submit to the Department Chair of the academic area involved the Independent Study form-obtained from the originating office. The completed form (type or print clearly) should include:

        a) a description of the proposed project in as much detail as possible;

        b) a statement indicating the student's competency to pursue the project;

        c) a statement concerning the nature of the final product as well as the nature of the evaluation to be used by the sponsor;

        d) a statement indicating whether the student desires to choose the pass/fail or letter grade option (pass/fail grades are unacceptable towards major credit)

        e) a statement of intent concerning the approximate number and nature of faculty-student consultations.

5) The completed form must be signed by the sponsor and approved by the Department Chair of the department within whose discipline the study falls, and submitted according to deadlines as published in the Key Dates and Deadlines.

6) If the independent study project is not completed during the semester in which the student registered for it, the instructor must assign the grade of I, or E, depending on circumstances.