Reminder on Posting Grades


Federal law (FERPA) prohibits posting grades using student names and/or identification numbers.  However, it is permissible to post by code name or number (not the Oneonta I.D. number, social security number, or any part thereof) agreed to by the student and the faculty member.  If you use the web to inform students of grades on course assignments, tests, etc., you must also assign a code name. 

Wherever you post grades, please scramble the names on the roster before assigning codes so that the list does not reflect an alphabetical listing of your roster.

It is also against FERPA regulations to leave students’ graded work in a general pick up area.  Graded course work must be returned individually to students.   

Please be aware that under no circumstances may a listing of student names and ID numbers, or any part thereof, be posted for any reason.

Violations of this law can result in termination of Federal funding to the college.  Questions regarding the privacy of student records should be directed to Maureen Artale, College Registrar at x3216 or via e-mail at

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